What is Porcelain

What is Porcelain

China is one of the few ancient civilizations in the world with a long history and has made many significant contributions to the progress and development of human society. The achievements made in ceramic technology and art are of particular importance. In China, the emergence of the art of pottery-making dates back to the period from 4500 to 2500 B.C. It can be said that an important part of the history of China's development is the history of ceramic development. The achievements of the Chinese in science and technology, as well as the pursuit and shaping of beauty, were in many ways reflected through ceramic production, and formed very typical technical and artistic characteristics of each era.

This Tuesday, Ms. Xin Min talked to the children about the history of porcelain, its shapes, patterns and production process. The children also made their own small cups of porcelain with air-dry clay.


After the teacher explained about porcelain, the children chose three of their favorite colors and mixed them into a long colored strip to make small teacups. The children not only made teacups, but also used their imagination to make small plates, small baskets, and their favorite milk tea teacups. There were also little pink bubbles inside



Each child concentrated on making their own little teacups and experiencing the fun of making pottery.

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